26 March 2011

Boston?! ... I'm in!

November 2006

I was sitting there (not sure what I was doing exactly), when the phone rang. A very excited Cousin (Quinn) was on the other end telling me that Timberlake (yes, Justin) was coming to Boston in early 2007 and later to Montreal for his Future, Sexy, Love tour.  I was excited for her just listening to her talk about him (she's in love).  Pink was opening, the show was scheduled for a Tuesday night, Delta flies direct from here.  I still wasn't getting the gist.  So then she asks, "Would you like to go to Boston with me?"  I pondered, "for Timberlake?" ...  "Can we make it a vacation, like go for more than a night or two?"  She calls me back shortly to say that she'd be given leave for 5 days.  My response was only two words, "I'm in". :)

The planning phases were fun.  Where will we stay, what will we do?  List all the things you want to see and do and we'll compare. I'm sure I drove her crazy with my millions of travel questions  "what are you packing?" "Should I bring a hairdryer" "Do you think I'll need a 2nd jacket?" "Is our hotel next to this?" "Can we walk there?" She's a travel agent, she had all the answers. 

Three months flew by and departure day was here.  Quinn was finally going to meet her Justin and I was going to shop (and shop and shop), and WE were going to Boston! :)  Early morning flights are the best (still think so) for departures anyhow.  This was my first time on a 'big' plane, having more than 9 single rows. I enjoyed snacks and beverages thoughout our trip and as the plane started to descend, I heard a noise similar to what I'd imagine the sound of one wing ripping off or the cargo door tearing open (vivid imagination) would be.  With very large eyes, I turned to Quinn who was calm and smiling back at me.  She noticed my white knuckles squeezing the arm rest and touched my hand.  "Heidi, don't worry.  We like that noise"  Confused and not convinced, she smiled at me again. "It's our landing gear hun, we need that".  Phew, she was right!  :)  Thanks Quinn (I had no idea, the small planes were always so loud that I didn't get to hear this noise, not once, not ever - what a relief). 

With landing gear down (yay), we arrived at Logan airport before noon and then off in our taxi to the Hyatt Regency hotel (it was as swank as it sounds).  We'd be staying in the financial district of Boston, beautiful tall buildings, hustle and noise all day long, streets lined with stores and vendors, even in the chilly month of February.  Macy's was in the bottom level of our hotel (didn't even have to go outside) and across the street was Filene's Basement.  Next to those, a T.J. Maxx, a Shoe Company and a Marshalls. I was so in trouble. 

The drive from the airport to the hotel was scenic, busy and provided the start of this incredible history lesson. We passed through the tunnel and heard the first mention of Boston's "Big Dig" (just google that, Boston's Big Dig and you'll be totally informed).  And then we rolled up to our home for the next 4 nights.   WOW  Gorgeous!  What a room.  We asked a few questions, reviewed our lists of must sees and to-dos and began plotting the itinerary (after a lil nap, oh those beds were amazing).

The Commons, Cheers, Prudential Centre (Skywalk Observatory), Harvard University, John Hancock building, Faneuil Hall (Quincy Market), the Freedom Trail, Little Italy (Strega), Chinatown, the "T" (complete with a Charlie rider card), Zakim bridge, Old State House, Paul Revere's house, USS Constitution museum, Old City Hall (donkey), the New England Aquarium, Fenway Park etc.  Oh and the Justin Timberlake concert, rrr-right. Thanks JT for bringing us to Boston!   

Hello Beantown :)  
 "adventures of" to be continued ...........


  1. stephanie brace26 March 2011 at 13:01

    OMG- I feel like I was there with you - I love it - cant wait for your next trip <3 ox

  2. Heidi I so enjoy you,I still enjoy my Paul Revear stamps you brought me which you were way to generous but I love them.Can't wait for your next installment Love&Hugs