26 July 2011

"Holiday Heidi" interviewed by Local Newspaper

Last week I was contacted by Lori Gallagher, a staff writer for the local newspaper.  She was interested in writing a story about Travel Personalities and thought 'Holiday Heidi' could definitely be described as the "Free Sprit Traveller".  Where'd she ever get an idea like that ;).

Milan, Italy 2009

"You struck me as a bit of a free spirit, someone who sees travel as an opportunity to let loose and see where life takes you. You love to meet people and travel with a blank slate. I’d love to ask you a few questions. I know you’re super-busy, so if you’re willing, I’ve included some and you can send me your answers".

Are you a free spirit when it comes to travelling?
In what way?
What do you love about being spontaneous when travelling?
Do you do much planning ahead?
What is your goal when you travel?
Where are you off to next?

I, of course, wrote her back ...
(thanks for the wonderful opportunity Lori)

Am I a free spirit when travelling?  If the meaning of 'Free Spirit" is adaptable and easy going, then I'm naturally this type of travel personality. I'm not one for creating a completely scripted vacation itinerary but instead, tend to jot things of interest down (in pencil of course, this allows me to alter or substitute the plan later if need be).  However, if there is a plan, I'm happy to go with the flow and excited to 'go, see and do'.

Had we known that this
Bishop in Split, Croatia (2009)
had a golden big toe,
we would've rubbed it
for good luck as every other
 tourist had done.  Darn.

I don't spend a lot of time tracking down the history of the destinations prior to departure, which can be a pro and a con.  Sometimes it's nice to know that your camera lens is focused on some incredible piece of history before you snap 60 pictures of the unknown (thank goodness for Google search upon return lol). However, I fear studying a place for too long may provide preconceived notions or expectations and I don't want to ruin the experience for myself.  

There's something fun and intriguing about arriving with an objective and open mind to a place where everything is new, different, exciting and like nothing I've seen before. I tend to have more interest in what the weather will be like, what I'll need so I can get in and out of the country (visa, departure tax etc) and what I need to pack for the duration, although I may read the odd review or search out a few of the local attractions beforehand. 

My ideal holiday would be one where every day is filled with: sight-seeing, trying out new food, some relaxation, exploring the heritage, experiencing the culture and way of life. Then ideally to end the day with an evening full of celebration where talking, laughing, singing and especially dancing become the highlights. I'm keen to make 1000 new friends during every trip but I have learned that I love reuniting with friends made during a previous one. It just adds so much more anticipation and excitement (whether it's here, there or some other location). And if I can continue to encompass all that into my travels, then I'd have to say that's my goal.  

Spontaneous?  Well, I am definitely a 'yes' person.  Usually a suggestion or idea just has to be tossed my way and I'm game to check it out.  Fortunately I've learned that no one can tell or show you better than someone from the place you're visiting.  A few of my experiences have involved getting great advice from those who have travelled the area, those who have studied it or those from there (especially those who live for the tourist industry), that resulted in me instantly changing my existing plans.  Thank goodness my agenda’s in pencil!

Ziplining the Rainforest & learning how to Surf, Costa Rica 2010

A number of my holidays have started with me trolling for seat sales, luckily finding one and arriving on the doorsteps of some wonderful friends I had met while travelling or those from my past who have moved to great exotic places.  The gratitude I have for them taking the time to show me around, offering me a place to stay, introducing me to their life and landscape is immeasurable.

I can think of no better way to get off the beaten trail, take off the tourist rose-coloured glasses and see what a place is really about, absolutely amazing.  It's because of these adventures I was encouraged to create my blogspot, a place to share and take anyone interested on the excursions with me.  http://holiday-heidi.blogspot.com/

Where shall we go today?
Where to next?  I'm soon heading back to Newfoundland for my annual visit since meeting my best friend (from NL) while we were both on vacation in the Dominican back in 2007.  It's been our thing since we met, I go there and then they come here for Harvest Jazz and Blues.  Following that, the planning for a girls-weekend in Montreal is well underway for September and I've already started watching for flights and places to stay for my 2012 vacations ... I hope to find myself in Brazil for Carnival this coming February. 

It's true, I  have a travelling addiction, but it sure does keep my free spirit alive and happy.
_ _ _ _

Funny that the end of my "Free Spirit" interview concluded with me discussing "plans".  But honestly, planning happens until I have the dates and destination booked ... then it's just counting down the days until departure.  'Holiday Heidi' thrives from the second the last piece of luggage is tossed in the suitcase and the zipper is closed, until finally arriving back home after the vacation!  Absolutely 99.9% unscripted or planned (at least on my end) for the duration ... just the way I love it!

The link to the newspaper article is no longer available (sorry).

What's your travel personality?
Planner, free spirit or decision maker ... everyone wants a good deal when they travel
Published Monday July 25th, 2011

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~Holiday Heidi

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