8 March 2012

"did I ever tell you about the time ..." tee-hehe ;)

The silly side of things :P
A new post is in the making, it's been far too long! Can't wait to share the "Adventures Of" with you! Check back tomorrow, or the day after that, or as often as you wish (but honestly, it's looking like my efforts won't be ready until next week).

I've been in amongst my usual Work-Work ~ Play-Play routine and then the added the excitement of planning for a vacation countdown, woohooo :) ... all things are set now, but my poor blogspot got the worst of it in the meantime ;)

Since you're here, why not re-read an earlier one? The Adventure Map (click here) located at the top of this page will allow you to chose a story from a destination. All I hope is that you enjoy your vicarious vacation ... who doesn't need a little break from the everyday?  (only a 7-minute read per-post)

Until then ...
~Holiday Heidi

Ps:  if you have a second, be sure to answer this weeks' survey question? (thanks in advance)

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