20 October 2013

"In My Pocket"

"Put me in your Pocket" ... A song (a poem perhaps) often sung in verse by my late Grandfather (Carl) to remind me (very often) that no matter the distance, if we put each other "in our pockets", it would be like we didn't miss a thing in each others lives.  I always had him in my pocket :) and myself, I was in his.  He was a gem, never to forget a person, place or thing; always to share the wisdom and tales of an adventure.  Daily life, exciting times, ups and downs.  Dear Grampy, you were, and are ALWAYS, in my pocket. *How I miss him.

Oktoberfest, Munich Germany 2013

I am about to start a series of blog posts in a more 'real time' attempt that will remind you that I have you in my pocket.  I once said aloud that "one day, I will wake up Spanish" :) ... and now roughly 6 years later, my life has unfolded in a systemic method that I would have to say, the Universe was in full agreement of that statement that day.  Proof that with tons of support, love, hard work, luck, opportunity everything always works out just the way it's supposed to (even if sadly a few things along the way didn't work out they way I had hoped or wanted them to ... c'est la vie) ... we, my friends, we have arrived.

Of course we can all run a race or climb a mountain ....

Mt Katahdin September 2013
6 km "Beer Run", August 2013

...and yes, we can dream, plan and achieve goals. We all do this on scales small to enormous.  It's life.  We all make decisions. But it's rare that one is granted approval to pack up their life, tuck away for a period of time all the things comfortable (work, friends, family) and escape on a quest to fulfill a professional, personal and educational goal.  To find oneself in a Country across the world from theirs, filled with culture, history and entertainment; where the people, friendly and helpful as they are, don't speak the same language. In a city so large and vibrant that you can't describe in words, except that this place is nothing like the farmlands and country-like surroundings I grew up in, nor like the quaint city I reside in back home. It NEVER sleeps!!

Here... this is where we will 'wake up Spanish',  Bienvenidos a Barcelona, Spain.

Plaza Espanya, view from the top of the Arena, October 2013

There's much to tell you of the how's, why's and when's of this adventure (ie: Oktoberfest in Germany, meeting up with 2 of my friends who spent the first two weeks of this adventure trekking across 2 countries).  The summer, the citizenship, the remarkable friendships, the permissions and work and packing up only 2 suitcases ... two suitcases.  The crazy emotions associated with such an adventure...I am one lucky girl (forever grateful of this experience...like all others).

So if you're ready ... I say it's about time we get started!!! :)

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~Holiday Heidi
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  1. So glad this adventure finally unfolded for you. So happy and privileged to have had the chance to start the first 2 weeks of this new chapter in your life <3

  2. Gracias Senorita. I had the best two weeks. Very luck to have had you girlies with me! xoxo