25 November 2013

Willkommen in München ~ Welcome to Munich

If you missed the previous story, I invite you to read it Germany is on the way to Spain...you'll see! ;) 

Still at the airport, a quick stop for coffee, a snack and a little visit to the information desk (information desks have become a must in my traveling world...even if just to acquire a map).  Phoned the Bed and Breakfast (Garden House B), as they requested to let them know of our arrival and that we would be there within the next 2 hours.  Easily followed the signs to the train station, just downstairs, where every 20 minutes an S-Bahn train departs.

We caught the train to the centre and followed the metro directions as instructed (S8 then to S4 - red line, off at *Trudering).  I'm not sure why so many escalators were out of order in the underground, but it was like every other set lol, and taking millions of stairs with 150 pounds of baggage...well, it sucks. lol. I can't say enough kind words about all the people who assisted with my second suitcase (people were extremely helpful and friendly and I graciously and gratefully accepted their offer of help).

We exited the metro and continued to pull our bags for about 20 minutes on the cobblestone sidewalks.  The air felt refreshing and very 'Autumn-like', even the leaves on the trees were starting to change colour.  Streets were lined with cars tightly parked along the curb and all the buildings we passed seemed to want to tell us their story; their architect, design, landscape ... fit for an historical tale, each and every one of them. Straight for 3 streets, then left, follow along Trudering until you reach it, it'll be on the right.  AHHH the gates :) ..I thought my arms and shoulders were going to snap off my body in protest lol (detest of luggage continues).

Hayon, (the gentlemen who coordinates guests at the B&B, he may have even been the owner?), met us at the front and informed us that he had upgraded our stay.  We would no longer be sharing the rooms, bathroom and kitchen of this B&B but that he was escorting us to our 1 bedroom private apartment. Now our accommodations would have: a kitchen, a balcony, places to sit, eat and unpack; all ours, and at no additional charge. WOOHOOO!!  And, and, he was going to drive us there - -bonus!  :)

It was closer to the metro and on the direct line for Oktoberfest.  A beer warehouse was across the street and the supermarket was only a five-minute walk away. We had an oven (mmm pizza lol), decorative lights, wardrobes to put our stuff in, WiFi (not fast, but free nonetheless), a couch, table/chairs, a balcony, a washer, shower...it was clean and quaint.  Perfect place to hang our hats for the week, even in the absence of television and a music playing device lol (not even a radio...whatevs, how much time would we actually spend there?! hehe).

Early evening had arrived and we set out to get our bearings.  Explore, gather eats and drinks, we returned with hands full of shopping bags and a plan to rest up and start early in the morning.  ...somehow, just like all other times we reunite, 'early night' means 'early morning' lol and by the time old friends catch up, create the start of new memories and enjoy a few laughs it's bedtime at the time we'd said we would be waking up haha. Just after 1pm, we began our adventures...it was nice to walk to the metro and not feel like a donkey (hauling all that luggage).

When visiting any city, one should always check out the City Centre, the hub of activity, structures and people. In Munich, this place was metro stop Marienplatz and as we were lifted to the surface via a working escalator, the sights above ground surely didn't disappoint.  And so the Adventures of Germany commence :)

...  let's sit on the subway for a little bit longer before we head to Oktoberfest, Marienplatz, Allianz Area, Olympiapark, Englische Garten, the market at Viktualienmarkt and Ostbahnhof (the night club area of Munich).

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~Holiday Heidi

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  1. I love reliving these events through your blogs. It made me smile and laugh the whole time reading. Damn luggage & stairs :-) A wonderful time in Munich and can't wait to read the next one!!!
    Glad you are back to blogging again <3 oxox

    Stephanie :-)