2 January 2014

Oktoberfest - 2013 (check)

If you missed the previous story, I invite you to read it What?! There's other things to do in Munich aside from Oktoberfest? haha

Back in the metro, dirndls and lederhosen on (well, not us, but everyone else on the train it seemed lol)... we finally arrived at our stop (or the stop of millions over a three week period annually) ... "Theresienwiese".

Home of Oktoberfest, Munich Germany 2013.  Unknowingly we took the exit out of the metro at the location furthest away from the grounds ... but it was only a short walk across a street, what a great opportunity to get an overview before entering. 

The people exiting the metro to Oktoberfest ...
as far as the eye could see (and then another train, then another)

The Park was HUGE and FULL and there was ...

...laughter, lights, music, voices, singing, amusement / carnival rides (roller coasters, things that went way up  in the sky and came shooting back down to earth in two seconds or less, laugh-thrill and haunted houses, turning/twisting/winding rides, some with water, the tallest Ferris wheel I had ever seen) .. which way?  There were small tents for specific cocktails and beverages, there were food huts everywhere and PEOPLE ...soooo many people!  Once under the entrance there was something each and every way you looked, for as far as you could see  :)  How very awesome.

We had the opportunity to visit the grounds more than once for the week we were here.  There wasn't any admission to the grounds (yay) and getting into the large buildings never happened and seemed impossible but that didn't deter our fun. Just to clarify, they call them 'tents' but they are fixed structures that resemble arenas more than tents and there were 14 in total, some where larger than others but packed from open till close. They do have outside seating where you can purchase those long sought after mugs of beer ... but even though it was brisk outside, they too were crowded with beer loving, cheerful people.

After about the third attempt to find seating we met Cor and her Mama (and later that funny guy "Steve" ... who disappeared now that I think about it lol ...one of those 'dart off to the toilet, never to be seen again' ...I think his wife called or that's what he said when the mug was nearing the bottom, I think the "Prost" got to him haha) who had seating at their table for us.  And what luck, Cor spoke perfect English :) and was a veteran at this event (and the city itself).  Tour guide extraordinaire :)

**Prost is like "Cheers" "Salute" "SlĂ inte" and there's even a catchy song that goes with it and trust me ... they play it endlessly during Oktoberfest ps: it's rude not to sing along and "PROST" when it plays, bottoms up. Here's a link for you to experience 'what prost is' :) Enjoy!

Oktoberfest, we were finally here!  The cost was 10 Euros per mug, so while we didn't stay really late, we experienced it and then continued the party with Cor and her friends and Mom until the wee hours of the morning lol.  Visiting different areas of Munich and the local pub/dance scene.  Good times (thank you for such a memorable night...wish we had been able to coordinate another, next time)!

On Saturday, day before departure, we revisited Oktoberfest :) This time the skies seemed a bit more gray, the chance of rain honestly felt like it could start and then instantly turn to snow, no deterrent hahah (wear gloves, bring a poncho). Even more people out than our first time here. Woot Woot! We made our way through the crowd to the Ferris Wheel.

After that we tried, without success, to enter a tent. Found an outdoor area and sat.  Again we had the good fortune to make a few new friends to spend our time with them.  The skies opened up and forced us to leave (only after we were soaked ... remembering Connie's pant legs, haha wet from the ground to nearly her knee) and how we didn't end up with a fierce flu...it was freezing out lol.  I think the Chicken Hats kept us safe, warm and in spirit.  FUN.

Our last day full day in Germany was a perfect day.  We ventured from the grounds, following our new pal (Gary, a very happy, hippy soul) to his favorite place in town and in crowds of thousands of people to the train station). What a delight.  And then only to meet more people after stepping foot inside this quaint, traditional pub :)  We have to thank Munich, Germany and Oktoberfest for organizing such an amazing event, for the people we met along the way who were so helpful, giving and fun (even lugging my luggage up and down stairs for me, offering advice or directions as needed, making room at their table when there really wasn't much to spare). Fantastic experience.   

Bags were packed before we went to Oktoberfest today ... something made us think that we might only arrive back in our flat long enough in the morning to tidy up, freshen up and make our way to the airport (...we are genius' haha).  To the airport please ... destination .... BARCELONA, SPAIN!  And do you have something for this 'headache'? ;)

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~ Holiday Heidi


  1. Steve - Gary - Corenna and her beautiful mom, the chicken hats - OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could go on and on!!!! This makes me laugh :-) I love it !!!!! An unbelievable and fun time :-) <3 xoox

    Stephanie :-)

  2. That was wonderful Heidi, the thought of the Ferris wheel scares the crap out of me no way on this green earth I would ever think of getting on . Looks like you are having the time of your life and living everyone's dream! Keep on having fun, love ya!! Your old friend Debbie!