26 October 2011

Well, I guess it's not like travel's "going anywhere"...

"Tick Tock - Tick Tock” What is this? ...Oh wow, I think I'm addicted! :)

Ready to Board :)
I want to go.  I want to go the second I arrive back home after the last holiday. I'm not sure, but this could be what they term "vacation blues", I suppose that’d be correct.  I seem to be longing to leave, happy to return and then happiest when I have a follow up trip in the planning phase (this method seems to end the 'longing' for departure).  *sigh*

I physically sweat when I hear of (or find) a good deal.  When I actually book a trip, I tend to fist pump while jumping up and down screaming or shouting out terms of excitement. In the dictionary where it defines "Travel Addict", you're likely to find photos of Dora the Explorer and right next to her, you'll see "Holiday Heidi" pictures and a link to this blog. haha.

Somehow after getting bit by the travel bug, just 4 years ago, I now become slightly depressed when I don't have a vacation countdown to work towards.  It seems ridiculous, especially to anyone who knows me.  I work great jobs (2-3 of them depending on my needs: social balance, living costs, travel plans etc), in a city filled with wonderful friends.  Then there's my incredibly close family, who physically live in relatively close proximity.  Plus, a social calendar that seems to run out of time before invites. And no shortage to the multitude of great causes one can lend a helping hand to right here, at home.

I wouldn't trade this life for the world ... hmmm, or would I? Nah, no trades, but I would like to make some adjustments that would allow for me to travel the world far more often. I can definitely say the more I go, the more I appreciate the wonderful people, opportunities and experiences I have here and have encountered while 'there'.  

Rochester, NY
The world is such an amazing sphere, it's no small wonder I feel in a hurry to go see it.  There's absolutely more places than time in my lifetime and the more I travel, the more my list of 'must-sees' (bucket-list-adventures) grows.  And there's a whole bunch of YOU that I can't wait to meet or be reunited with, on top of the long, ever expanding, list of destinations. 

It's been a few months since my last excursion.  This means that I've been living in the absence of a vacation countdown *gasp*, but for someone who lives for travel, trust me, this is tough. :)  Presumably the destinations will still be there when I encounter a seat sale that fits the correlating budget and the preferred destination. Honestly, I know there's no need to rush ... except when I try to ignore that "longing" I described already, I'm learning it doesn't disappear, it intensifies until there's a countdown.

Doha, Qatar
Do you have a list of "someday destinations"? Where would you like to go?  Where have you been?   How do you your start planning?

I start with the searching power of Google. "What I want" and "Where am I going". I make sure I sign up for newsletters, travel notifications, enter all contests and search out many price comparisons. Here are a few of sites I check (they may be Canadian travel specific):

itravel2000     Travel Zoo      Sell Off Vacations      Travel Alerts   Trip Central      Priceline      CAA Travel      Sears Travel         Redtag        BookIt     Travelocity      Expedia     Nolitours      Sunwing      Sunquest      Signature      Thomas Cook      Transat Holidays      Air  Canada Vacations      WestJet Vacations      Vayama      Kayak

Milan, Italy
This is where my planning starts (for the past few years anyhow, before that I drove my poor travel agent family members insane with my billions of uncertainties and questions).  I recommend you check on these sites when you can, their prices can sometimes change within minutes of your first visit and definitely daily.  
There are many websites, travel agents and services available, which are your favourites?

2011's been an amazing year for my passport stamps:  Doha (Qatar), Rochester (New York, USA), all four corners of Ireland, Newfoundland (Canada), Montreal (Quebec, Canada), Prince Edward Island (Canada), New Brunswick (Canada), Nova Scotia Canada and before the year's end, I'd really like to visit Mexico.  So now that I know where I'm going, the search has started. :)  

On the Corniche in downtown Doha
Weekly Survey Question:  would you say you've been bitten by the travel bug?
Well I'm definitely not alone :) 67% say 'yes' to being a bit of a travel addict.  Here's hoping that we all have a countdown to vacation soon!! But if not, "well, I guess it's not like travel's 'going anywhere'..." One day we'll get to where we're going ... in the meantime, enjoy where you're at and have fun! ;) 

Newfoundland  /
Dominican / New Brunswick
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~Holiday Heidi
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Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

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  1. I love your new story. Looking at your pictures --especially your Doha ones - Do you "REALIZE" that you have the "whole world in your hands". You might have to get a job over here to do all the different travels you wish to do <3 Can't wait for your next blog xoxo