30 November 2011

Two right, to write ... too travel :)

Two jobs, one blog, awesome friends/family, combined with a dream to visit the world, I like it. :) 

Well, the two jobs are 'right', I need those to get where I want to go, which will also explain the 'too travel'. Then, there's the social element, no one likes to feel neglected (me included) and since I tend to be an idea 'yes' person (you come up with an idea to go do something, I typically say "yes" haha), this bodes well for an excellent local work/life balance.  Somehow though, I just need to stretch it all out, crop or edit a wee bit, oh to have more time 'to write' ... lol, and if this is all that I have to complain about, well, I'd say ~life is good~ wouldn't you? 

Thank you for your patience, fun to get your emails telling me to hurry up and post something (I am working on it, that's for certain). But tell me, since I know that most of you are ridiculously as busy as I am, when would you have time for a 7 minute time-out right now anyhow?  Truthfully, if there's been time, there hasn’t been more than enough minutes to jot down a paragraph or two, which is an excellent start, but still nothing to share.

The weekly survey question is posted every week (regardless).  Your answers drive my 'Google Search' rating, plus I use them in related blogs (yay), just a couple of clicks.  Quick stat update (what a humbling experience):  6682 page views from you who live in those 49 viewing Countries and it’s only been a little over 8 months (wowsers).   Thank you for reading and sharing the posts...fun to put you all in my pocket...what adventures.

Share your comments, your stories, your travel advice etc. in the section below? A little shy?!  Why not EMAIL me instead?  Be sure to check out Your Adventure Map (at the top of this page) so you can read (re-read) all previous adventure posts.

Well, I guess we're at the end of our countdown (phew, made it), time to head out to collect a few more travel memories for us :)  Don't forget about the survey question ... top right, just like every week (thanks).  Two right, to write ... too travel :) Let's go!

~Holiday Heidi


  1. Have a happy safe trip Heidi Love you :)

  2. Heidi don't know why that comment was Anon...LOL