17 November 2012

Thank you Vegas! Too much :)

Why is it that countdowns to vacation seem to take FOREVER, but you blink and your 7 nights away is over and you find yourself staring out the window seat of a delayed plane, homeward, in what seems like an instance? *sigh*

Still living with a mixed up feeling of time, adjusting to my daily routines here and trying to get my eyesight back after staring into billions of bulbs and flashing billboard.  Oh, and my hearing back after the endless 'ching, ding, clinging, gling, gling, ding, ding, ching' of winning slot machines (not mine lol, but for some, some very excited gamblers). And the sadness of leaving a City that doesn't sleep ...ever! haha.  ... I just wanted to take a second and thank Las Vegas!  "VEGASSS :) you're awesome, thank you"!

Like most any place I have had the fortunate opportunity of visiting, it's the people I travel with, the people on the plane, at the airport, at the bar, at the coffee place, at the neighbouring slot machine, on the bus tour, near the restaurant, standing outside in security, the fellow VIP club goers, the person on the street passing out cards, the person standing in line with me or at the elevator, the promoter that's offering the world to get you to attend, the friends who meet there to reunite, the clerk at the store who wants to help as much as they want to make a sale, the person taking our picture and the person asking for us to take theirs, that make the trip!  Vegas is full of good people. The planes to and from were full of incredible folks as were the clubs, streets and shopping centres. Ahhh ~life is good~ :)  Thank you for the extreme fun.

Still sorting pictures (after taking about 1500 in total) and trying to summarize my Vegas experience, I can't offer you the "adventures of" just yet, but I can share a few tips with you.  The South Rim Tour of the Grand Canyon via bus is really long (about 16 hours), and you really only get to see the Canyon for about 2 hours; however, on a budget, it will get you there and the experience will be well worth it.  Look for coupons and deals in every brochure and document you're handed. Sign up for the players reward cards (they're almost always free and will provide you with incredible deals ... even if you don't gamble).  

You can often purchase 3 event / activity tickets at the same time ... we learned that this doesn't save you money necessarily, but it will ensure that in amongst all there is to see and do there, that you will make every effort to attend the things you've already paid for.  There are tons of free things to view and experience:  Sirens at Treasure Island (check for show times and dress for the outdoor weather), Volcano at Mirage and the Bellagio Fountains would be a delightful way to spend about 1.5 hours as you walk up the Strip....free!  

Why not catch a bus to Fremont Street (downtown) after that?!  Bring your $15 USD if you plan to zipline there (we ran out of time, but it does look fun).  Each hotel along the Strip is like visiting a new city and as much time as you'll think you have, you won't. Everywhere takes a long time to get to where you wish to be, mostly because you find about 1.2 billion other things to do along the way before you make it where you'd intended in the first place.  And for you thrill seekers, why not get tickets for the Roller Coaster at New York - New York, a skydiving excursion in the desert, or visit the Stratosphere to test your heart rate on any of their roof top rides?  Incredible.

In the picture above, if you look between the Statue of Liberty and the buildings behind her, you'll see the red loop of the roller coaster!!  Ahhh sooo much fun!

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If you haven't booked yet and are considering a place that's got it ALL...why not try Vegas?!  Pools (even a beach at Mandalay Bay Hotel), adventure, thrills, Grand Canyon, nightlife.  It's a place where you can chose what you want to do:  relax, shop, stay busy, hike. They offer it, you can take it or leave it.  I have lots to share with you about Las Vegas, just need a bit of time to get it all figured out myself before I can write about it.  :)  Just trust me, you'll love it there.
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