2 August 2012

"HERE FISHY FISHY" ...If you didn't, then how would you know?

2012 is the year of the Dragon, it's true.  But it's also the year I've dubbed 'one good time to lead to another' ;)  And since we're well over 1/2 way in, I must say that title has lived up to its expectation and beyond!  But before we get there, let's briefly discuss last year.

The year was 2011, an ambitious travel year some would say.  I've decided that it's entitled to the slogan: "a year of reunions truthfully". What a wonderful world.  It started with trekking to the Middle East in February spending a week in Doha, Qatar with my best friend and her family.  This is where I learned that the desert is freezing before sunrise, sand-dunning on any motorized vehicle will make you smile till it hurts and that riding a camel is a very, very brave thing to accomplish.  

Then onto Rochester, New York to reunite over Easter with a couple wonderful Sister's I met while in the Dominican back in  2009.  Wow, I am so uneducated!  Had such a great time learning the history of the City, meeting the wonderful family, friends and pets, the dancing, eating and hang time with the kids...what great memories.  The Easter Bunny even located me there, not even kidding.  And how can one forget the day of outlet shopping, trip to the lake and the last supper. Thank you ladies et al.

It didn't stop there.  

While on board Splendor of the Seas (A Royal Caribbean cruise ship) in 2009, I shared a sunset sailing out of Venice, Italy with three travel companions from here, along with two lovely couples we met from Ireland.  The end of May last year (2011), I was blessed first hand with Irish hospitality, the kind that most of us only ever read about (it's true, so so true), and visited both couples while touring all four corners of Ireland within two weeks (and all the folks I met while exploring the Emerald Isle...my heart aches to see them again).  

Hook, Wexford
Devenish Island, Fermanagh
Northern Ireland

Last summer was met with various road trips within the Maritimes (close to home) and a little trip 'home' to visit my Newfoundland Family (Newfoundland being the most Eastern Province within Canada).  Yay for good friends.  I sure seem to have one pile of them.  And at the end of summer, after enjoying an 8-hour scenic drive with three other girls, we found ourselves in Montreal for a long, fun, play-filled weekend!  *smiling* Ever been to Montreal? ...you need to go.  Well, after recovering from all those destinations, a few more relatively local road trips were had.  

In December, just as the current calendar nearly flipped to Christmas, the travel escapades continued with a short 5-day excursion to the Mayan Riviera, Mexico. Ohhh my!  This would be one of my shortest trips, supposedly least inexpensive ones I'd ever signed up for (don't let the ticket cost fool you lol). 

It's so interesting how one little incident with a rented scooter can scrape your friend to bloodied, leave you owing funds (even after paying for extended insurance prior to) and then result in playing rock-paper-scissors to see which one of the two of you needs to stay behind to marry the rental owner should the debit card decide that now is a good time to stop working (bahahah).  

And even more remarkable, how with a little proper first aid, the rest of the days will allow you an excursion to the Mayan Ruins in Tulum, offer you the best night life, beach time and all-inclusive floating down a lazy river. Plus, become the perfect venue for practising "Span-glish", taste testing tequilla and trying traditional Mexican lunches (Nachos and Cervezas por dos (for two), for only $10)!   

So many stories and pieces of travel advice to share with you, it's coming...all of it (well, except for the parts that fall under the category "what happens on vacation stays on vacation" haha).  But before I do that, I have something special to share with you, a story caught on video last summer.  One where, not my words, nor my descriptive prowess could ever do justice.

...allow me to proceed. I will one day make this little clip into a Youtube production (as soon as time permits) ... please forgive me for swearing (I didn't realize I was being filmed). And also remember that I grew up in potato fields, farmland and inland, ie: countryside...not playing about with whales and sharks in the frigid waters.

Please meet the "Miss Hollywood of Cod Fishing" 
Pink tank, fashionable cargo pants, sneakers, hair-did, big-framed sunglasses.  All I needed was to catch me some fish ;)

I got to try my hand at cod fishing in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Newfoundland last summer. In the exact same waters where whales play I might add (again). I've mentioned this and as if that's not unnerving enough, I hadn't gone fishing of any sort since I was a child. Way back then, it was in a tiny brook that I could wade in up to my mid-shin at any given time in the deepest part, certainly not the deep blue sea. 

The video will explain best what happened. Since this day, I have learned that what I have is often referred to as ichthyophobia (link will take you to the definition). Yeah, say that three times fast lol.

Regardless of what you call it...here it is: the best 'scared of fish video' ever mistakenly created :P cause seriously, who's scared of fish? C'mon! This is the same Holiday Heidi who skydives, races quads in the sand dunes, ventures off on two-week hiking excursions by herself, jumps out of sketchy SUV's in foreign countries, ziplines across rainforests ... fish?! Seriously. Ha.

OMG we have the best time eh? Yep, it's definitely ichthyophobia and likely a few other phobias too I suppose lol.

So while 2012 is the year I've dubbed; 'one good time to lead to another', 2011 was pretty spectacular! I always hope that reunions, just like all of those last year, happen more frequently and with more and more of the people I meet while I continue to touch down all over the globe. For while I'm addicted to nouns: people, places and things, it's always the people from here, there and everywhere, bound by friendship and the memories we've created, that drive me to go, see and do more. What a life :)

... thank you friends for such an incredible time and so many wonderful experiences. I am blessed.

Weekly Survey Question: what's your favourite colour? 
Turquoise - waters of the Caribbean.  (53%)
Green - rolling hills in Ireland (30%)
Both Blue - clear skies of Mexico and  Beige - sand dunes in Qatar (7%) 
And finally, White - buildings in Greece (3%)  
I'm not sure I could pick one truthfully, they're all so good, fun and incredible.  Let's go where we can try something new and fun and determine if we love it, want it or if we're scared to near tears.  "Here Fishy Fishy" ... I'm not scared anymore!
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  1. hehehehehhehehee- love it!!!! Had to watch it a couple of times.

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