23 September 2014

Dreamer-Traveler. Who's Homesick?

It's more than just packing and unpacking suitcases. I think it's the very core of existence; encompassing every large and small component that one cares to plan, research or to consider or not consider. It's travel. 

But what is travel

It's the going, seeing, doing and returning altered, refreshed and in awe. Sure. It's staring at the globe and adding places to your bucket list.  It's searching for affordable destinations and things to do in places you've never been. Or finding new things to do and see in your favorite place. But I haven't gone anywhere yet, is this travel? Do I travel as I leave work and make my way to the market for food  that I will eat for lunch? And, which part of that journey do I classify as, 'I traveled'?

Travel as a verb, is an action that instills excitement just thinking about all the people you will meet and all the reunions that are possible by simply going. It's being grateful, ready for the adventures and the unknowns and setting out to experience it (see, smell, touch, hear, taste). Wait, so, travel is dreaming? Then by definition, I absolutely traveled to the market after work as noted above.  But maybe, no....

As one can get lost in a good book, or when one finds themselves wanderlust while out for a Sunday drive on the outskirts of town; travel is dreaming. Sure it is. Travel is dreaming followed by going and doing or allowing yourself to be energized via imagination; through thoughts, words and photos or by the act of. 

Maybe a traveler is nothing more than a dreamer? A dreamer with a sense of adventure; one who seeks to experience cultures, habits, methods and lifestyles. Who can handle and embrace having their eyes opened as to how the world lives; and uses this knowledge for growth, ego-depreciation, acceptance, movement and appreciation. Certainly a dreamer is a traveler if that's what they wish to dream. And yet, a traveler is nearly always 100 % a dreamer.

“Every dreamer knows that it is entirely possible to be homesick for a place you've never been to, perhaps more homesick than for familiar ground.” Judith Thurman

I feel that I dream a lot.  And by standards, I travel a lot. However, when I'm not traveling or when I haven't traveled in what I feel to be a long time*, I have what most persons would describe as 'homesick'.  The more I yearn to go, the worse this 'homesick' feeling gets until I get to set out on the next adventure (and truth, I don't have to go far, as long as the experience is something satisfying, possibly new but likely eye opening and every bit good for my dreamer-traveler soul). Fernweh is the condition my friends tell me I have (Sherry has reminded me of this), however, I feel it's more severe than that lol.  

*The definition of 'a long time' has never, nor can ever be written when it comes to calculating the time between waiting for travel and the continuation of endless dreaming. 

Are you a dreamer?  A traveler?  BOTH?  I know I'm not alone.  I've met some wonderful dreamers and travelers along the way.  So tell me, where's the next adventure?  I'm working on two things...(1):  a new blog post, more of the Spanish chapter (sorry for the delay). (2): determining the final travel details for visiting the next destination.  

~life is good~  

I'd like to thank Judith Thurman for her quote.  It inspired me to write today and helped define the feeling ...I am 'homesick' to go, see and do.  My remedy is to never stop dreaming, and to travel often and everywhere for as long as I'm able!

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~ Holiday Heidi

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