30 September 2014

Thought for the day: 
I want to go everywhere, meet everyone, try (almost) everything lol :)

I've started my life completely over 3 times now.  Once after finishing University. Again, after a break up where I left behind pretty much everything except for my clothes and a few sentimental items, and one time after I packed up and moved to Europe for almost a year, arriving home with only 1 dollar in my bank account (but I still had 1 dollar hehe).  

Someone recently asked me "how do you afford to go and see and do so much, you never stop" ...  my response:  Let's see:  I don't have children or pets, I don't own a house (I rent a room and all my stuff, whatever I didn't sell off, is still in storage awaiting any major living situation decisions to be made), I needed a car and I own a cute little scooter, I work 2-3 jobs, I have good credit (if I borrow it, I pay it back) 

It's very likely that I'll be in debt for the rest of my life, but I honor that debt (much the same as I am grateful for working 2-3 jobs to save for and pay back to); it represents my life well lived.  And mine, to date, has been that. Well lived!  In debt and indebted; the people I've met, the opportunities and offers I've had, the customs and traditions I've shared and participated in, the support and helping hands when needed...it's so incredible. So overwhelming, yet very humbling in the same instance.

I believe money and time spent on experiences and education; not on things, holds irreplaceable value.  I'm grateful for every adventure, lesson and experience I've achieved (or tried) from my beginning of time until now and hope that it continues forever.  ~life is good / vida es buena~  

Sure I wouldn't be rich for long after winning a lottery ... I mean in monetary notes of course,  (spend, spend, go, go);  that's fine, I'm already one of the richest persons in the world (I've seen and done so much) and have you met the friends I share this globe with?  So lucky!  And to those I haven't met yet, I can't wait to :)  ps:  Thank you, for everything.

And I love love this quote:  "I'm not better than anyone, I hope we all make it" ...truth!  

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~ Holiday Heidi

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