14 November 2014

While we wait for a new post ...

While we wait for a new story to be published, there's nothing like a countdown to the next adventure to help keep smiles on faces, wind in sails and the adventurer content.  Caribbean bound for the Holidays!  Where are you going?

A new post is in the making!  Work work - Play play ...well, my poor blogspot gets the worst of it. ;)

Since you're here, why not re-read an earlier story?  Click above or here "Your Adventure Map" to find all the adventures posted within a destination.  Or, check out "Spain - an Extended Adventure"  Cada persona necesita unas vacaciones (o para lee de uno).

Don't forget to give your answer to this week's Weekly Survey Question (this boosts "Holiday Heidi" within Google search results).  Do you have travel stories or advice to share?  Please feel free to leave a comment below or send an email to Holiday Heidi. And if you wish, follow me on Twitter: @holiday_heidi

~Holiday Heidi

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