4 December 2014

Oh, you need a NIE! "Okay" ...as if I knew what that meant! Part II

If you missed the previous story, I invite you to read it: Oh, you need a NIE! "Okay" ...as if I knew what that meant!  Part II

Waiting thirty days feels like forever (just sayin'), however, as the days drew closer to my appointment (to visit the oficina de extranjero), I learned that my Spanish school could offer me paperwork that would result in the issuance of a NIE card.  It was dependent on how long a person had planned to remain in school (and a few things about the program, I'm not sure if all learning institutes can provide the same thing, worth checking into before signing up). Since I had decided to continue for ten plus weeks at Olé Languages, my certificate of registration would qualify.  I took my completed forms, my passport and copies, my Euros for payment and a friend who could speak Spanish and made my way to the Sant Marti area of the city.  (When you make your appointment online, it tells you which office you have to visit, which is all predetermined by your address).

When you arrive at the office, you are given a number, you take a seat and wait.  When it's your turn, you complete a few forms and are given a bank slip.  You must visit a bank and make the payment to process your NIE, BUT you must know that not all banks will process this for you in the same day (normally they won't accept payment after 11 am in the morning, which means you do your NIE paperwork on one day and then have to come back the next day for the payment/banking stuff).  

Somehow, I got lucky.  I arrived 15 minutes before the bank closed, he took my information and opened a bank account for me and allowed me to make the payment right then, on the same day. However, when I returned to the office with my stamped information, it was a few minutes after 2 pm and their doors were locked lol.  So what's a girl to do? I set out to explore of course, and planned a return trip to the oficina the following morning.

*following day* ...I returned early morning and I was in and out in less than 5 minutes.  As the lady behind the table prints out my paper, I realize that this NIE docuemnt looks different than the ones I had seen in the classroom or online.  Much to my dismay, as she passed me this letter sized paper, I was being granted only a temporary NIE.  I showed them banking information, letters and any/all other documents I had on me to see if I couldn't change this 'temporary NIE' to the permanent card. No luck.

So I had a NIE that was good for only three months.  Which was incredible really, but I best get my life figured out. First things first, open a bank account (fun to say that I had a foreign bank account ...even if it had only minimal Euros in it haha).  If I had spoken Spanish, I wonder if my appointment would have resulted in a different outcome?  Hard to say.

So what is the NIE process?   TEFL Iberia (be sure to check out their website, http://www.tefl-iberia.com/), being one great place to receive training, experience and career opportunities (I will be sure to write more in a future Blog post about the course I took there and the doors that experience opened for me), have created this short video in an effort to simplify the information for those EU Citizens trying to get their NIE numbers while living in Barcelona, Spain (thank you for letting me share it).

I'll write you more about work, looking for work and important educational opportunities and training institutes in Barcelona.  Plus, more details of my "Deaf Bitching" all those many days of unplanned exploring that resulted in visiting, seeing and doing many exciting things in Barcelona, various other locations near and far of there and in other Countries.  More of the friends and people I met and career prospects and work experiences that came my way.  ....was I ever able to get my permanent NIE card?  You'll have to come back to continue the adventures with me to find out.   I think the next few adventures, we'll experience Navidad in Spain. :)

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~ Holiday Heidi

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