6 August 2015

Writing and Travel

For every time I go ... every experience and adventure I get to partake in, they all become instantly drafted as one day future stories to share with you.  I wish I could publish them in real-time, perhaps one day (it is a personal goal of mine to do just that). 

Truthfully, I find that by giving myself some time and distance before compiling a blog post, it actually allows for an overall perspective of the details that unfold and offers a unique way for me to capture the ENTIRE event (and not just a one day overview or a moment in time ... the stories I share become connected and tell a tale).  

I have nearly a million (likely more) stories, adventures, bits of advice etc to share with you (this excites me) and one day I'll sit and just keep writing. 

I've started excerpts here and there but the best collection so far is found on "Your Adventure Map". Check it out.  I'll be out collecting more writing material in the meantime ;) Keep in touch ...let's explore this greatness together!

To review all the stories, including this one related to Spain - An Extended Adventure (click here). For ALL the vicarious vacations shared so far, your Adventure Map awaits (click here). Please leave your comments, your stories, your travel advice etc. in the section below (comments or reaction section) and give your answer to the weekly survey (top right of the blog page). No sign up necessary, just a simple click :) A little shy?! Why not send me an email instead: EMAIL ME.

Holiday Heidi

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